About Us

Shark for Security and Armed Protection with Limited Liability (LTD).

Founded on: 2008 and registered in the Ministry of Industry & Trade under number: 16882. The company has obtained the approval on weapons carrying license on 2010.


It is one of Security and Defense branches and both of the companies refer to the same owner, we have insurance (million Diner) to insure our sites from any error resulting from our Guards. (As attached).

It also offers services through expert staff of security and protection, which had previously worked for the Jordanian Armed Forces and Public Security and other security agencies.

It is a national Jordanian company, established to provide all forms of security services and civil protection, all armed services, and electronic security protection in Jordan and the Middle East.

The management of the company aims to train its employees, refine their personalities and train them in line to the duty requirements. Also, the management ensure to train all the employees effectively to use and operate a; kinds of equipment and devices specialized for monitoring facilities and organizations and inspecting all kinds f vehicles, packages and persons. The company also offers all the services of security and protection for permanent sites, bodyguards, securing the delegations, public safety services, the transference of funds and airports Security Services.
Shark Company for Security Company and armed protection get to ISO 9001 dated 12/2014 in an effort from the company to provide the best services in the field of security and armed protection within the levels of quality and excellence.