Technologies and Security Solutions

Shark for Security & Armed Protection Company provides developed and high-technology equipment to guarantee the safety and security of individuals, buildings and facilities as well as providing security solutions in order to detect all risks. The Company also can provide its clients with all technical security's solutions that are in line with all developments in this area with the purpose to provide them with the best services.

StaticSecurity Guards Services

Shark Company provides a static security services 24/7at entrances, exists and vital locations within facilities.

Mounted Security Patrols

This service provides coverage for large areas that go beyond the static services provided within the client's location.

Keeping Keys and Responses to Alarms

This service includes keeping keys in Control Rooms within the facilities and handing themto officers in charge upon request. Also, it involves rapid response to the alarm gadgets as our guards are trained on dealing with differentalarmdevices.

Cameras Monitoring

SharkCompany surveysthe locations and distributes security cameras in the best manner to provide preeminent security coverage for all the facility locations. Additionally, Shark provides you with the competent security staff trained to provide monitoring services using security cameras.

Access control

Shark's security guards are trained on the implementation of the security policy of locations in relation to control individuals'access and the restricted areas that the strangers are prohibited to enter.

Female Security Guards

Shark Company can also provide you with female security guards upon your request.